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    Launchpoint Archive

    Angela Daniels

      We have used LaunchPoint in Marketo for a number of webinars hosted via GoToWebinar over the last 2 years. Even though the programs are archived now in the Marketing Activities area, they still show up in the LaunchPoint view found in the Admin area. Is there anyway to mark these as "archived" for the LaunchPoint view so we see a true number of active programs using this service, and does this mean the integration's are still active even though the Marketo program has been archived?

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          Josh Hill

          Archiving does not do anything other than hide the Program from basic search.


          The GW webinar is still "connected" but nothing would happen once the webinar is over. It's not pinging GTW or using resources unless you left the Triggers on.


          The admin count is just the total # you ran. It basically means you can't remove the login now. No, you cannot "archive" these unless you delete the Programs...which I don't recommend.


          What is your need? This is almost never an issue.

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