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Self-Diagnosed File Structure Snob

Discussion created by JD Nelson Champion on Dec 21, 2016
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As the new year approaches I'm creating all our file structures for 2017. I had it pretty ironed out last year with file folder upon file folder upon file folder all nested time and time again. Once you begin building programs in folders you're stuck. Some people prefer the house similar program types within Engagement Programs which is a bit cleaner, a bit more condusive to reporting, but at the same time a bit limiting with the inability to nest multiple program types (you end up being tied to batch campaigns instead of email programs at some point).


So - let's hear your best practices, Marketo Nation. What do you prefer?


I came about this post because I was going to create my Webinar folder and began debating whether I want to do an Engagement program for Webinars instead. I like the concept of the Engagement Program grouping Channels, but not sold either way. (if it was possible to nest existing programs in to an engagement program later this would be a bit moot; but it's the beginning of the year and it's all or nothing, now!)


Thanks for your input!


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