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Marketo LP Templates - Responsiveness and Form edits

Question asked by 13327 on Oct 30, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2013 by 13327
Crowd: A few quick questions re: the Marketo templates offered at

#1 - Are the Landing Pages here responsive? (I see email templates labeled as responsive... but the LPs aren't specifically labeled that way.)

#2 - Is there flexibility w. # of form fields? Trying to determine just how rigid the templates are... if we add form fields to those pre-set in the template, will it blow out any components of the template design - or will that area just dynamically alter in size? (On yesterday's webinar, I recall hearing that templates shouldn't be monkeyed with much, at risk of altering their design).

#3 - If they aren't responsive... anyone have a good way to develop a responsive LP outside of Marketo, that incorporates a Marketo form via iFrame?

#4 - Could someone bring me an afternoon latte?

Thanks! - Jen