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Demand Gen Contractor Needed

Question asked by e9bdc0ff6aa5422ae0be7788849709ef13e29f79 on Dec 16, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2016 by a150aa354022326811be183ee4ea9d4ff86b76e6

Hey All!

1. I removed myself as a User Group Leader as I will be moving out of Orange County in February. It's been great to connect with all of you and I'm always available to answer any Marketo, Ops, Web or Demand Gen based questions you have!


2. My company is going to need a contractor for when I am out on Maternity Leave. They are based in SF but they are open to someone willing to travel a bit who is a good fit. If you know someone or are interested yourself, please look at the description I posted here: Maternity Leave Contractor - Demand Generation


Thanks & hope everyone has a good end of the year!