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    Recycling closed lost opportunities

      When a lead is converted into an opportunity in SFDC, then closed lost, what is the optimal way to get them back into Marketo for nurturing? The challenge being that they shouldn't go back into Marketo as a new lead or when they are synched back across to SFDC they will create a duplicate.

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          Chris Johnston

          I am not sure why you are getting duplicates. Are you deleting the lead from Marketo when you create an opportunity? Typically they stay linked and if you use contact roles, Marketo can be triggered when it changes to closed-lost and then add to a Recycle Campaign. There are a few ways we have done this for clients in terms of what is triggered, but it is all based on keeping the 2 way sync.

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              Thanks for your reply Chris, let me explain my thinking and maybe you could explain exactly what you mean? So in Marketo a converted lead is exactly that (SFDC lead type 'lead' with lead status 'converted',) but in SFDC it becomes a contact. When the contact is associated with an opportunity that is closed lost I want to start nurturing that lead, but can a contact associated with an opportunity where the stage has been changed to closed lost be set to change the status of the lead in Marketo?


              In SFDC the unique identifier of the lead is lost when a lead converts to an opportunity (as it changes) so I dont understand how setting a workflow in SFDC (lead is associated with an opportunity where the opportunity stage = closed lost) could change the lead status of a lead in Marketo from converted to nurture as the unique identifier that connects the two no longer exists.


              What am I missing?