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Marketo ABM Add-on Functionality Vs. Other Vendors

Question asked by 57adbfedd6af6d5edb01a91434cfd6622e3fb236 on Dec 21, 2016
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Hi All,

I have been tasked with researching various tools for our journey into ABM next year. I, being the main Marketo user, am partial to evaluating Marketo as I want to keep our tech stack manageable and I believe in the Marketo philosophy. Other team members have asked me to compare and contrast DemandBase and Terminus to ABM in Marketo.



I was hoping for people who have implemented ABM to run me through the pros and cons to using Marketo for ABM and why Marketo ABM was your choice originally. Additionally, if you have any insights to DemandBase or Terminus I would appreciate the candor.


Thanks for the help!

Happy Holidays,