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      I am creating a Marketo email campaign where I need to get a token in my signature line to populate for each individually assigned sales reps for their respected territory. They need to populate at the program level so that no additional assets need to be created. I am looking for this to be created so that when a customer receives this email the contact point (signature) will be populated based on the location of the customer and allowing the customer to see who is the sales rep for his/her area. Is this possible to create without a custom email for each sales rep.

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          Sanford Whiteman

          Q should be in Products, not Marketing Central (MC being more about marketing discipline/theory).


          Your goal is usually accomplished via a pre-segmented snippet+segmentation by territory, or with a simple editable area + that same segmentation, or with tokens+editable+segmentation  I recommend you read the docs and past threads on these topics, as they can't be concisely (re)explained.


          A more complex/robust solution involves Velocity (email scripting) but is unlikely to be necessary.