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    Bug in Sync Marketo-->CRM?

    Emmanuelle Bissuel



      I've launched a campaign with a flow to sync some leads from Marketo to CRM, however, although for some of them it worked, for most of them I receive the following error in Marketo.

      Step ID:




      Choice Number:






      Sync Lead to Microsoft caught exception




      error lead ID xxxxxxx has already been synched


      Lead ID:





      When looking at the Marketo Error Log in CRM, this is the message I receive for not syncing:

      pre_synctomkto = False, isStartSync=False

      Not creating transaction log because the entity is not synced


      No matter what data I erase, de-sync, re-sync, nothing seems to work and these activities are not been populated in CRM.


      Does anyone know what this issue is about and how I can fix it so that all these leads are correctly sent to CRM?


      Thanks for your help!