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    Lead/Follow-up Management Across Multiple Product Lines

      Hey everyone,


      My company is now offering multiple software product lines with distinct sales teams, on top of management consulting services...all of which are marketing to the same set of accounts. We have a fine process for routing net new leads or contacts, but it gets messy pretty quick when each division is running campaigns to existing contacts. We set flags for product interest when someone responds to a campaign, but I'm curious what others have done (either in Marketo or SFDC) to help manage this process. Thanks!

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          David Gaible

          Hey Trask Rogers, I'm in a similar boat. My company is concerned mainly with upselling one of our 20 or so products to our existing customer base (along with net news, but that isn't a huge focus for us). With the messiness things can get fun!

          When a customer reaches MQL, we don't assign the lead to the account rep - we reassign to a sales rep based on product interest. We initially set product interest off of something as small as a product webpage view, but we found that product interest was changing too often and was not truly representative of interest. Now, we only set product interest off of attendance for a product-focused demo, or success in a product-focused engagement program. Shoot me a note if you'd like more details.