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Preference Center and SFDC

Question asked by abcc359f893e790128313fd22929dd673180cb50 on Dec 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2017 by Chris Saporito

I am looking for insights into how you all have your preference centers set up and connected to SFDC.


We currently have a multi-value picklist that captures product interest in SFDC and we want to be able to automate inferred interest as well as be able to manual add interests (automate based on specific content downloads, or web page visits. Manual through uploaded lists or manual selection within the field). We need to be able to amend to the data, and be sure not to overwrite it or replace any existing data as new interests are captured. We have a reporting and updating nightmare with the multi-value picklist and are looking into a few different ways to better capture this information and be able to use it for targeted marketing campaigns.


I need to make sure that the solution is super friendly with Marketo both in connecting to a subscription center and being able slice/dice the information for campaigns.