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Email Invalid Cause - Hard Bounce Meaning?

Question asked by Tom Kerlin on Dec 12, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2016 by Josh Hill



I need help understanding a couple of bounce codes for one of my leads...


The lead has an Email Invalid set to true (checked off) with the Email Invalid Cause being " Exceeded MaxAttempts - 551 5.1.6 Mailhost is on our global block list (Mode: normal)."


The same lead also has an Email Suspended set to true (checked off) with an Email Suspended Cause being "Exceeded MaxAttempts - 554 5.0.0 Denied [] (Mode: normal)."


I have a list of Marketo Bounce codes with an explanation for each. It says that Code 551 means the recipient is not local to the server, with 5.1.6 indicating that the mailbox has moved. Code 554 means that the transaction failed for some unstated reason, with 5.0.0 indicating that the address does not exist?


Please let me know if you have any insight as to what's going on/why the lead bounced. Also, I can't seem to find the web page containing the list of bounce codes, so if you find please feel free to post that link as well.