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    Lead Converted Trigger - CRM or Marketo?

    Christina Zuniga

      I want to trigger off of all leads that are converted into contacts (I use Salesforce), but I am using an inside sales team to convert within Salesforce, not Marketo's convert lead functionality.


      I set up a campaign that said "Lead WAS converted filter + lifecycle stage = x", I expected to see a few options, but it showed 0. I know of at least 7 instances of converted leads that are in lifecycle stage X. Now I wonder if Lead Converted trigger and Lead was Converted filter only apply to when Marketo converts from a lead to a contact and NOT when they are converted by hand in my CRM.


      Does anyone know if my assumption is right?

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          Josh Hill

          No, it is not.


          It is better to have a Lifecycle Stage where you know the dividing line is SFDC Lead to Contact, so that all SFDC Leads are under SAL vs SFDC COntacts are SAL and above, for example.


          Now, if you look for Lead Was Converted on its own, how many show up?


          What's the definition for that Lifecycle Stage? Would any SFDC Contacts appear?

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              Christina Zuniga

              I have a status (SAO) which is only for contacts that are added as a contact role to opportunities, it's impossible to be a lead in this situation, so that's the status of the lifecycle stage that I was looking for.


              Basically my lead lifecycle was set up by a consultant and her criteria for the Opportunity lifecycle stage was "Added to Opportunity" trigger. We recently expanded to an inside sales team and they've been converting leads and from the conversion page creating an opportunity. This  is a new process - before we were converting leads without an opportunity then adding them to an opportunity later. All of a sudden my leads aren't going into the opportunity lifecycle stage and I realized it's because the trigger "Added to Opportunity" isn't working with all of the criteria in my smart campaign, it's being added when converted and it's a race criteria issue. So I wanted to create another smart campaign that says "If converted" and part of an opportunity to get around the race criteria problem.

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              Grégoire Michel

              Hi Christina,


              Normally, Marketo detects conversion from SFDC.


              But I prefer to use the Data value changes trigger on the "SFDC type", new value is "Contact", Previous Value is "Lead"



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