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Are You Attending Marketo Nation Next Year?

Question asked by d8ee97bebc95ebf2e2bbfad9f66aa106720a703f on Dec 12, 2016

Hi All!!


We are about 5 months away from the Marketo Nation and this year was SUPER fun. If you haven't already but planned to attend, I highly recommend that you reserve your hotel room ASAP. I just booked my room at the Intercontinental Hotel and they already sold out on Tuesday night stay. We had to pay the regular price instead of the Marketo discount. Plus, you can still cancel 48 hours before your stay so I encourage you to book in advance even if you are not sure. At least you won't have to walk too far from the convention center.


Ping here if you plan to attend so we can meet up in San Francisco.


Join us for next year. We know how to work hard AND have fun!


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