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    Rearranging page Templates and Landing pages

      Hey there,

      This is probably the simplest question of all, however I'm such a novice in using Marketo and I want to make sure that I don't make a huge mistake. I have two folders one with landing pages and one with templates. Within these folders there is a mixture of pages that are in production (live) and pages that are a work in progress. I now would like to organize these to separate the pages that are still a work in progress but I want to make sure that moving the files around will not affect the anything. Meaning that the live pages suddenly will not work because I dragged them into a production folder. I ran a test creating a test template and a test landing page and have been moving them around and nothing seems to change ... but I want to make 100% sure so I figured I could still ask. I have searched support for something explaining this but could not find anything.


      Any suggestions appreciated