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    Error in email opens trigger campaign


      I have created a default program with 4 trigger campaign and one batch campaign.

      Trigger campaigns are -





      It was working fine previously, but in the last couple of programs are showing 0 open and  clicked is X number. Click to open ratio is 100% in the email performance report.

      I have done a QC by creating a smart list by using Opened Email filter, but it is the same result as 0.

      Below are the Attached screenshot for your reference. Please help me out.


      Note: Email contains only Text and some CTA in the email.



      Selven R

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          Michael White

          How big is the discrepancy in absolute terms?  If it's just 20 clicks to 0 opens, chances are Marketo is logging the recipients spam filter clicking links in your email, even though the recipient themselves never opened the email.  An open - to be clear, in Marketo terms, is logged when the recipient themselves opens the email (with images enabled), so the invisible Marketo tracking pixel is viewed.  This would be my first guess, but if you have 1000 clicks and 0 opens, then you might have another problem.


          As a possibly related aside -- anybody whose client forces them to receive the text-only version will not be logged as an open, since there is no way for the tracking pixel to be present in the text-only version. 


          It's been a while since I've brushed up on the finer details of this, but that's where I'd start.  Have a look at the "Clicked Link" activity in a lead's Activity Log and see if it looks like a valid click or not -- that could be a clue as well.

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            Sanford Whiteman

            Open events will not be logged for text-only emails, since as Michael notes there is no pixel downloaded.


            However, reports will create an "implicit open" if there was a click, since a lead is considered to have had the email open for viewing in order to click.


            So there is an inherent discrepancy in these two methods of querying. One does not QC the other.

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