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Velocity Scripting - make lowercase

Question asked by b8a94b8f72a45658223390189a9d65d31c8ff7c9 on Dec 6, 2016
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So I wrote the following velocity script to make a token value to appear in lower case in the email copy:

1. #set ($ptier = ${lead.Partner_Tier__c.toLowerCase()})


  Am using this as a token {{my.Previous_Partner_Tier1}} in my email copy.


2. #set ($pptier = ${lead.Previous_Partner_Tier__c.toLowerCase()})


  Token that I am using in email copy {{my.Previous_Partner_Tier1}}


Yesterday - I did couple of sample tests of the email and it all worked fine.


Today its not working, the tokens are not getting populated with value and are appearing as {{my.Previous_Partner_Tier1}} in the copy itself. Would you know if anything has changed in the velocity email scripting side that I need to update in the script above? or am I missing something?