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    SEM campaigns connecting to Marketo

    Ravi Kiran Reddi Reddi

      Hi Guys,

      I have a query on how to integrate SEM campaigns with Marketo, can you tell me how to approach the below use case.

      My client is running some SEM campaigns and if anyone clicks the ads they will come to a Marketo landing page.

      What is the setup i have to do to know if 100 contacts visited that landing page, i want to know how many came from that SEM campaign.

      Please let me know your comments.




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          Sanford Whiteman

          This topic is far more expansive than a single set of campaigns: it requires an understanding of available SEM attribution models and an educated choice about which one(s) to use, taking into account implementation/reporting hurdles in Marketo.


          If you want to tactically track last touch for this particular case, add hidden field(s) to a form that grabs UTM params and manage program membership + success accordingly in Smart Campaigns. But realize that Marketo is not the place to analyze anonymous visitors while they are still anonymous. Upon conversion, you'll have full access to their once-anonymous activity history, but for still-anonymous reporting you want to use 3rd-party web analytics (I am a fan of Clicky, but the obvious default for most people is GA) or specialized apps like Path to Scale, Bizible and the like.


          The advanced/strategic decisions you need to make will take analysis and education. I recommend you graze over the many Community threads and blog posts on this topic: many are written by experts in the discipline and a short engagement with them will pay for itself many times over.