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    When is the next MUG meeting?

    Bekah Logan

      I'd like to get involved with the Portland MUG - is there an upcoming meeting scheduled? How frequently does the group meet?

      This page doesn't look like it gets a tremendous amount of action.. is it the best place to see all activity and upcoming events or should I be looking somewhere else?


      Thank you!


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          Mark Rentschler

          Hi Bekah,


          We usually meet once a quarter. I don't have a firm date for the next meeting, but I am shooting for last week of Jan or first week of Feb. Let me know if you'd like to discuss anything in more detail. I'll connect with you on LinkedIn.




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              Bekah Logan

              Great, thanks very much Mark!  I'm launching into a more heavily Marketo-focused role with responsibilities for creating a new reporting and analytics practice, so I'm interested in getting connected with others who can help provide insights, idea sharing and opportunities for learning as I grow into this new role. 


              For now, my primary questions would be around what is the typical size of the meetings, what is the structure, what types of topics to you cover, etc?  Does the group tend to interact much outside of the quarterly meetings (i.e. discussion boards/forums, knowledge sharing, etc)? 


              I look forward to getting more engaged with the group!


              Thank you,