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Opt-In Checkbox Strategy

Question asked by 0da13f8f99fb3d9f008b2714dc10e4f6087e7a31 on Dec 5, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2016 by Terry Myers

Hi All -


We have a handful of forms on our website that allow people to opt-in for future e-mail communications by checking a checkbox at the bottom of the form. If they check it, they get opted in, if not they don't. However, we've discovered that upon future form submissions (different form on the site), if someone who previously opted-in does not check the opt-in box on their next form submission, they then get opted-out as the checkbox returns a false reading in Marketo. We use server side form posts instead of Marketo forms as the form data needs to go elsewhere (we create user accounts in a different system) so I can't use progressive profiling to remove the opt-in checkbox on future forms if the prospect is already opted-in.


I'm curious how others are allowing their website visitors to opt-in - are you using check boxes, other types of form fields (like a yes/no drop down that doesn't require an answer), or are you simply opting everyone in who fills out a form and then allowing them to unsubscribe using the typical links in your e-mail footers? I thought the check box was a common practice but it doesn't work well in this specific application for the reasons I mentioned above.


Any feedback or alternate ideas would be appreciated.