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    updating known prospect contact information

      We would like to build a process into our emails where if prospect clicks a link in a email and they don't have a first or last name, or first or last name is unknown, they are asked to fill out a form. Best practice tips on program set up to do this?

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          Sanford Whiteman

          Please move the question to Products. The Community spaces refer to the Nation website itself. (Yes, it is very confusing.)


          At least 3 ways to go about this.


          • If you use Marketo LPs, put the {{Lead.First Name}} and {{Lead.Last Name}} tokens in the page (not displayed, just output into JavaScript or into hidden HTML elements) and check to see if they're empty. If empty, bring up a form.
          • Always add a hidden form that has Known Lead HTML enabled.  In the KL HTML you can output (conveniently!) these two tokens. If either is empty, bring up another (visible) form so they can fill in.
          • Use a Velocity script token to generate links. Add a tag to the link (like #getmore) if they are missing any data you want. If the URL contains that hash, bring up a form.
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