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    How to trigger recurring email based on an exact date



      I have a field in my instance called date of opt-in. I want to trigger a smart campaign to send to subscribers whose date of opt-in is exactly 11 months ago. This campaign will be recurring so I can not select a specific date on the calendar because it changes every day. I'm looking in Marketo and I do not see how this would be possible. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!



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          Grégoire Michel

          HI Lauren,


          Create a new date field. Name if for instance "Next optin reminder".


          Create a trigger smart campaign that fires when someone opts-in and use it to se the future date. set it to the future date, you will need a Change Data Value flow step with a new value set to {{system.date}}+330.


          You can also recompute it for passed opt-ins if you know the opt-in date. In this case the new value for the "Next optin reminder" will be {{Opt-In Date}}+330.


          The you can add leads to a smart campaign that waits until "Next optin reminder".


          The hard point is that 330 days is not precisely 11 months. If you want something more accurate, you will have to use a webhook to compute the value. Loo here: Excel Formulas for Marketo – Marketo LaunchPoint



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