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Anyone using Contacts only in CRM (not Leads)

Question asked by 39932ad7cc1831e11324fc4e131b4ebbcadefd09 on Nov 29, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2016 by Dan Stevens.

We're considering exclusively using contacts in CRM, and not using Leads at all.


We use Microsoft Dynamics and Marketo supports the ability to sync records directly as a Contact so this approach seems much more feasible these days.


Does anyone do this currently, or considered this (getting rid of Leads and using Contacts only)? Any lessons learned, or important things to consider? Reasons why to do it, or why not to do it?





p.s. Here are some of the reasons we are looking to this:

- easier/better reporting out of CRM (since everything isn't split across Lead/Contact tables), 

- allows for easier maintenance of duplicates in both systems,

- easier to find records for sales (only need to search once, and not in 2 places),

- able to create activities tied to the Contact for multi-touch reporting out of CRM (logging every marketing touch). [Marketo's MT reporting is too inflexible and too much of a black box for Sales]