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    In Future Filter Not Working Against Custom Object Date Field

    Sean Hardaker

      Happy thanksgiving!


      I’m having a serious problem getting a filter to work properly against a date in a custom object.  I want to filter leads with a record in a custom object with a date 3 days in the future (27th Nov). 


      the filter "Has OBJECT NAME" -> "DATE" = "In future" 3 days

      the filter "Has OBJECT NAME" -> "DATE" = "In future after" 2 days

      (ref http://docs.marketo.com/display/public/DOCS/Smart+List+Filter+Operators+Glossary )


      if I add the email filter to match just on my email address it works fine as I have 1 record in the custom object with the date 27th Nov.


      If I remove the filter for my email address it returns 4 other leads as well that do not have a custom object record with the date 27th Nov


      Any ideas what's going on?