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    Facebook lead ad form's field integration

    Juan Carlos Alvarez


      I'm using Facebook Lead Ad with Marketo and so far everything is working fine. However, I need to add custom questions to the form and map them to a field in Marketo. In the launchpoint service configuration, when I try to map a "Facebook" field with a "Marketo" field, I only see available certain fields in the Facebook drop down menu (see below).


      Do you know how can I get a field added to that dropdown? Is it configured somewhere in the Facebook page?


      In addition, I also want to include an "opt-in/opt-out" checkbox in the Facebook form and have the preference selected sent to the "Unsubscribe" field in Marketo. However, i haven't been able to pass that value to any field in Marketo. I'm starting to believe that the issue might be to the fact that is a boolean field, but is just a "hunch".


      Have any of you been able to successfully send the value of a "consent" radio button to a field in Marketo?


      Very much appreciated!