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    Any bilingual + bicultural (Japan, Chinese + English) Marketo users?

    Robb Barrett

      Hi all -


      I'm scouting some bilingual / bicultural Asian users proficient in Chinese, Japanese and English. I have teams in both China and Japan who want to utilize Marketo and we have a lot of cultural and language barriers which make it difficult to understand and translate business needs.  Apart from the language, I need someone who can help me understand culture for these countries and how business is conducted and how their needs differ from their Western counterparts.


      While I don't currently have funding for a contractor I'm just trying to scout out some contractors who may be interested in serving as an interpreter. One of the issues we're experiencing is that our Asian friends want to run programs in a way that is counter-intuitive to how the rest of our global workspace operates. I have one English speaking ambassador on that side of the pond who helps me out a bit but we really need someone with strong language skills who can help translate our goals and strategy to the Asian teams and help transform their ideas into programs that fit our mould.


      If this is you please let me know and I'll contact you privately. I'm looking for extremely knowledgable Marketo users, far beyond casual Marketing users, who can help us with program production.