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New to Chicago, new to Marketo, lookin' to MUG!

Question asked by 1d6e873096449db21da2cdda735f081b1a91256d on Nov 22, 2016

Hello Chicago MUG Community,


I'm the Global Marketing Manager for SoftwareONE, a global Software and IT services and solutions provider for mid-to-large organizations.


In 2014, I lead the company's foray into Digital Marketing with an investment in HubSpot, implementing the tool in 5 different countries. After assessing its scalability (amongst other needs), we transitioned to Marketo as of October 1, 2016.


I'm looking to network with fellow Marketo enthusiasts, though it appears as I scroll the activity feed that this MUG has been a bit docile (unlike the Boston MUG, which is rife with activity!). I motion for us to bring some respect back to the midwest and re-invigorate the Chicago MUG! Even as early as next we all know time is of the essence when it comes to effective planning in automated marketing campaigns.