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    Looking for a marketing automation position (employee / contractor / consultant)

      Hi everyone,

      I’m writing below a sales letter (on myself) because I’m looking for a marketing automation position as an employee or contractor / consultant position.

      If you indeed looking for extra person with great marketing automation and digital marketing experience, please note - I'm located in Israel, so if you are not ok with someone from abroad – do not continue reading this.


      If you want to contact me and get my CV: guyalfia.mkt[at]gmail.com


      BTW – if you know anyone that can use my skill set, please help me by forward this message or send his / hers details to me and I'll contact them.


      Here is my pitch:




      My main goal will be to help your business attract more leads and boost the revenue.


      Here are 5 reasons why you should consider to give me a shot at your company:

      • Experience: 8+ years (“hands-on”) in marketing automation and online marketing (mainly B2B), during which I encountered (and overcome) different marketing challenges.
      • Create and implement variety of behavioral and segmented campaigns that increases the amount of MQLs and SQLs.
      • Optimize the performances of existing campaigns by implementing best practices and doing a LOT of AB tests.
      • Increase revenue / customer LTV: once a new customer has been acquired I’ll maximize the ways to increase loyalty to our brand, while offering relevant upsell offers.
      • Personal traits:
      • Results-driven team player
      • Resourceful
      • Highly motivated
      • Serious work ethic.
      • Keep learning and staying up-to-date with marketing and sales best practices.


      Given the opportunity, I’m confident in my ability to achieve groundbreaking marketing results for your company.


      In order to actually prove you I'm a great candidate, here is my suggestion: send me a current problem or challenge that you (or your customers) face, and I will let you know what are my suggested actions / method to resolve it.

      If you like it, this means I can contribute to your business.


      Next step - If you my CV contact me at: guyalfia.mkt[at]gmail.com