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Experienced Marketing Automation Professional Looking For New Opportunities!

Question asked by f4816aa3ec43616b389aa1bfeac584a7bad6b0e8 on Nov 16, 2016
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Hello Local Marketo Users!


My name is Dan McGinn, and I'm a tenured marketing automation manager and marketing operations professional. I am currently looking for new opportunities here in the Triangle. Previously, I served as the Marketing Technology Manager at Aderant, a global leader in legal practice management software for law firms of all sizes. During my tenure there, I’ve been able to develop my abilities in key areas of marketing operations including implementing best practices in marketing automation, outbound marketing, email optimization, marketing database administration, client journey strategy, and marketing analytics. Also, as a member of the Marketing Leadership Team, I was given the opportunity to influence key decisions throughout the marketing organization. Because of my extensive experience, I believe I can bring a rare blend of analytical critical-thinking and creative strategy to a local organization. Here are a few of my skills and qualifications:


  • Implemented and managed Marketo marketing automation platform for the last 3.5 years.
  • Managed the marketing client and prospect database within
  • Built measurable marketing programs to drive increased lead generation and revenue.
  • Managed entire marketing technology stack including digital marketing, market research, event management, and social media platforms.
  • Lead internal and executive-level marketing reporting and analytics.
  • Certified Marketo Expert and Marketo Analytics Expert as well as an experienced database administrator.


I've also attached my full resume for review. If anyone knows of an opportunity that fits my experience and skill set, please let me know.


Best regards,


Dan McGinn

(850) 408-3512