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    Maternity Leave Coverage

    Amanda Zoeller

      Hi all,


      I am going to be on maternity leave next April for 16 weeks and I was curious as to what others have done when a fellow Marketo'er goes on maternity leave for some time. Do people typically get a contractor to come in for those weeks? If anyone has any experience in this please let me know.


      Thank you!

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          Josh Hill

          Yes, I see a lot of maternity covers on this forum. There are a lot of freelancers and agencies willing to do short term contracts. I've done this before too.


          Post a job desc here and the # of hours needed. Possible people:

          • Perkuto
          • Kristen Malkovich
          • Denise Greenberg
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              Amanda Zoeller

              Thanks for the tip and people recommendations Josh Hill


              I have added the job description below. The time that I will out will roughly be early-mid April until mid July (about 14-16 weeks). Then there is of course ramp up time to get familiar with our instance and training on our programs.


              Kristen Malkovich, Perkuto Perkuto, Denise Greenberg please let me know if either of you are interested.


              Thank you for the help!

              DAY TO DAY:

              • Develop and execute email programs to include: nurture, trigger, stage, and retargeting campaigns within the Marketo platform
              • Ensure consistent data flow and reporting between Marketo and Salesforce.com
              • Vigorously monitor, analyze and report on email campaign results and KPIs, highlighting successes, trends and opportunities to enhance and improve effectiveness
              • Design, build and maintain templates, campaigns, and segmentation lists
              • Define segmentation of customer and prospect data to support campaign strategy and marketing tactics
              • Propose and execute A/B and multivariable testing on emails and landing pages to maximize ROI
              • Stay abreast of best practices, current trends and technology developments in demand generation
              • Develop and update data model, field mapping, and field definitions for all objects in Marketo
              • Other duties and marketing responsibilities as assigned


              • Bachelor’s degree in marketing or business, or equivalent work experience
              • 5+ years of hands-on experience in business-to-business (B2B) marketing automation tools
              • Vast Experience with Marketo (Expert Preferred) and Salesforce.com
              • Relevant BA/BS degree required


              • Expert knowledge of marketing and data quality best-practices, digital marketing and demand generation
              • Strong marketing strategy and analytical skills in order to test and analyze workflow, content, lead scoring and tactics for improvement
              • Strong understanding of the web, CMS, and related technologies - HTML/CSS/JavaScript experience is preferred
              • Ability to effectively define and communicate issues and opportunities at all levels of the organization
              • Experienced in list management and cleansing tactics
              • Thrive under pressure and tight deadlines in a fast paced forward driven environment
              • Willingness to jump into the work and be nothing but result driven
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              Hi Amanda ,

              I’ve looked into the position you’ve posted, and I’m a good candidate – I'm a Marketo expert (5+ years of experience).

              Before sending you my CV – important question to make sure I'm indeed qualified  - Are you looking for someone at the same country as yours (I'm located in Israel), or you can work with someone from abroad?