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    Email Insights

    Eitan Rapps

      Our Marketo instance recently received Email Insights.


      I read what the Marketo Docs has to say about it, but I was wondering if anyone out there is really using it and gaining insight that they previously didn't have with reporting.


      Maybe I am missing something but I have not seen why this feature was hyped in the way it was...it also seems that most of the Community content regarding Email Insights consists of Ideas to improve it, and many unanswered questions.


      Happy to hear about ways in which anyone got real value from it.



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          Brent Levi

          Hey Eitan,

          The major thing I noticed is that it simply makes the data 'prettier.' If you have RCE you can already get all of (or at least almost all of) the data, and even dive deeper into it. Email Insights, unfortunately, focuses more on the vanity metrics of individual emails. It doesn't give much more in the way of performance of marketing campaigns as a whole.


          That being said, it does make it easier to look at the performance of your email content based on some various segments you identify. Is your content performing the same across industries, place in funnel, location, etc. You can do that already, but this makes it easier to visualize that data.

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            Kim Allen

            Hi Eitan,


            As Brent mentions, it's basically prettier data. The other thing I've noticed is the speed - it tends to load a little quicker than typical email performance reports you're querying.



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