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    Set up Local Program Scoring

    Gerard Donnelly



      I was just wondering what way people are setting up scoring at a program level (Nurture Campaign).


      i.e If a user scores so many points in a stream they get pulled to the next stream.


      I know the global score will change but I want to monitor it on a program/product level as well.


      Thanks for your opinions and help.

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          Josh Hill

          Can you be more specific?


          1. Global Scoring is global scoring, don't try to score things at a local level.

          2. If you want to trigger a move to a new Stream based on Score, definitely do that. You can setup a local Transition Campaign to listen for


          Data Value Changes: Lead Score at least 20 from below 20

          Member of Engagement in Stream X

          Change Stream to Stream Z

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              Gerard Donnelly

              Hi Josh,


              I have a product specific nurture campaign and in my first stream I have 6 emails. I would love to be able to score people on their behaviour just for this campaign and then if someone reaches 15 plus points they get pulled to the second stream.


              If I was to use the global score they might reach 15 points because they have signed up for a webinar for a different product etc.


              If I use triggers I cant be vague as in ( opens any 2 of the 6 emails , or clicks link in 3 emails or any combination of that)


              I hope I have explained this correctly.


              Thanks Gerard.

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                  Andy Varshneya

                  I agree with Josh that local program level scoring might not be a good use case as it's not scalable and applies to only a small subset of your database.


                  Do you think you might be over-engineering this? Would program statuses do the trick?


                  Alternatively, could you set up an engagement program and use the transition rules, or triggers campaigns checking for a combination of actions?

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                Grégoire Michel

                Hi Gerard,


                I read 2 questions in one here


                1. Which score field should you be using? If you use the same score fields for a specific product line and for global acitvities, you will have problem as you won't be able to separate the 2. You may want to consider a separate, custom, score field.
                2. Where should the scoring actions. I 120% agree with Josh's and Andy's posts here: keep the scoring centralized, or you will sooner or later face maintenance issues when you will want to evolve your scoring rules (and believe me, this will happen, almost as surely as death and taxes) if the scoring flow steps are scattered  all around your Marketo instance.