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    Unsubscribed Analysis: is it possible to do ...

    Cecile Maindron



      I'm currently running an analysis on our DB to see if the volume of email sent or the frequency of our email promotions is negatively impacting our DB.

      It seems that it's not possible to run reports on following data points and I want to check with the community if this is correct / somebody has work-arounds:

      1- has unsubscribed (in general - not just from emailing) in a given time period -> it looks like we can only run this filter for last 90 days. Is that correct?

      2- was part of a given segment in a given time period -> it looks like we cannot see the evolution of segments. Is that correct?

      3- I can see who has unsubscribed from an email in a given time period or the min. number of emails a group has received in a given time period but I cannot see if the group has unsubscribed after email #1, #2,#3 etc. so in other words I cannot determine if the frequency of emails has led to the unsubscribe. Is that correct?





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          Josh Hill

          Hi Cecile,


          Yes, those are generally correct. I did an analysis with our intern this summer and it was a bit hard, but it felt largely correct.


          • Total # who Unsubscribed from Email on Day X (yes, you can only go back 90 days unless you opt out with Support).
          • Total # who are Unsubscribed on Day X AND who Was Sent Email at least 2x
          • Total # who are unsubscribed on Day X and who Was Sent Email at Least 1x


          Since we can't say "Show me all who unsubscribed but only received ONE email" we have to do some math as we build the columns. We ended up doing 2 months of data, no weekends.


          I'm not saying this is perfect, but we were able to show that sending more than one email per day did increase unsub rate for those who got more than 1 email that day. If you're using Comms limits as intended, this is less of an issue.