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    Emails sending to opt out leads

    Kim Gandy

      Any thoughts why marketing emails would be sending/delivering to opted out leads? Shouldn't Marketo automatically exclude these leads from qualified lead list? If not, do I need to add opt out, unsubscribe, marketing suspend = false to EVERY campaign?

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          Josh Hill

          Without knowing more about an incident, this is hard to say.


          Non Operational Emails will NOT be sent, regardless of the smart list to:

          • Durable unsubscribed
          • Unsubscribed=T
          • Suspended=T
          • Invalid=T
          • Blacklisted=T


          Operational Emails can go to

          • Unsubscribed=T
          • Suspended=T


          I've seen incidents where lead data is funny:

          • lead uses two variations of the same email box: josh.hill vs. joshua.hill@ which are treated DIFFERENTLY in Marketo.
          • lead thinks they unsubscribed, but did not (always hard to trace)
          • lead replied to unsubscribe, but no one checked this.
          • sales is using a separate system like Salesloft that isn't synced.
          • random behaviors that may or may not jive with expected behavior in Marketo.
          • Merged records.