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    Demographic scoring not shown in MSI



      we have several leads/contacts in SFDC which do not show any entries for demographic scoring in MSI, although they received scores for job title, company name etc.

      For other leads this entry is visible on Score tab.

      Do you have any idea why it is missing in some cases?




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          Juli James

          Hi Katrin,


          Have you checked that the lead scores are being populated in Marketo first?  I would suggest checking your scoring campaigns and also each lead record to check everything is work as it should.  If everything in Marketo is working I'd suggest updating the field in Marketo and seeing if it pushes through into SFDC (How are your sync rules set up?).


          Let me know if any of the above helps before moving further,





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            Josh Hill

            This depends. The Demo and Behavior Scores are custom fields not typically tied into MSI. MSI only looks at Lead Score...but if Demo Score and Behavior Score are setup properly as Score fields, the Scoring tab in MSI should display those items. But generally it may not if the scoring happened in the past before you had the scores setup.


            It may also be that your Scoring flows aren't hitting both Lead Score and Demo Score as Juli is suggesting.

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                thanks for your answers!

                I checked if the missing information happened before I set up demographic score fields but that is not the case. Both scoring fields (demographic and behavior) are set up with score type.

                My smart campaign for scoring contains the following flow steps:

                Bildschirmfoto 2016-11-15 um 09.54.17.png


                In addition to that I used tokens for the score numbers.

                Do you have any other idea why the demographic scoring is not shown in MSI? However, the total number of lead score within MSI is displaying the correct number. Just the detailed information on score tab is missing.


                Thanks for your help!