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    Virtual MUG

    Ryan Vong


      First time co-presenting virtually for a Marketo User Group meeting. This one will be about developing a best practice approach to retaining your Marketo data and a chance to check out the Omega Project. Just a thought to share since the BMUG is trying out this format. I've thought about doing this in the past, but had reservations about virtual meetings since it's good to do face to face with user groups, but this might be worth a shot.


      BMUG Webinar - Nov 15, 2016

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          Ashley Ayan

          How did it go? Did they have a better attendance? I think it will be cool to mix in-person and virtual meetings. Since DFW is so spread out, it might be a good idea to increase the meeting to monthly and do both.

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              Ryan Vong

              They didn't share the list but from what I heard it was good. There's a group in Canada that does this because of how spread out they are. Some commentary.


              We have mixed it up and found that the core group always attends in person and depending where it is hosted some drop off but others attend

              With webinars our attendance is always higher

              We extend it to anyone signed up for our mug and some of our clients depending on the content

              Sometimes they are in the area of another Mug and sometimes not

              When we extend to others we call it Ottawa MUG and friends

              Generally we find that those on the webinar obviously are not as engaged with sidebar conversations but they do interact alot with the presentation aspect of it

              The Ottawa Marketo community is fairly tight nit and for the most part everyone knows each other, so they like to attend in person and get out of the office, those that join virtually cannot be there in person

              Our meetings are always wed or thurs from 3-5, and we find that works best

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