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    Inferred company only showing ISPs


      Our company is based in Germany and the "Inferred Company" from the Leads data doesn´t work apparently. We only see the ISPs in there, which is a big bummer as we expected to also get this data from Marketo. The same for the Inferred City since it also takes the info from where the ISP is located.

      I know there are other service providers who offer this in Germany and looks like it works correctly for them. I don´t know specifically how it works or where the limitations are for Marketo to also get this information. Does anyone know about that?

      I read from others here that it seems to work well for them, i wonder if that is also the case for others in Germany or Europe.


      We don´t use RTP currently, but want to sign up for this in the future - i guess the situation would be the same and that we wouldn´t get as much lead data as we imagine, in order to use RTP successfully (i mean for instance having personalized content for anonymous leads). Am i right in this assumption?

      Thanks for any input!