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What behavioral triggers are you using to add prospects to marketing tracks?

Question asked by a150aa354022326811be183ee4ea9d4ff86b76e6 on Nov 11, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2016 by a150aa354022326811be183ee4ea9d4ff86b76e6

Hi there,

We are looking to better streamline our marketing tracks and wanted our prospects to self identify versus us pulling lists from our database and adding those people to a marketing campaign track. If you have set something list this up, I'd love to hear your process/rules you've set up.


Here are some of my questions:

- What prospect behavior would you consider a trigger to be added to a campaign track? (ie downloading a resource from the website, interacting with X campaign, visiting X page Y number of times, etc.)

- What rules do you set up so that they are only in ONE track at a time? I'm worried that if they perform multiple behaviors they could "qualify" for several tracks.


Any best practices out there? Help...