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    B2B Weekend E-mails

    Chris Johnston

      Has anyone experimented with sending B2B e-mails on the weekend? My campaigns avoid this, but I have found myself checking e-mails more and more on the weekend and wonder if there may be an opportunity missed by limiting e-mails to more traditional "office hours".

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          David Gaible

          In a past role I found some good results sending on Sunday evening. This was B2B marketing to real estate agents. These weekend sends worked best for events - we saw a statistically significant lift in getting agents to register for webinars happening in the immediate week using a Sunday evening send.

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            Lauren Beth

            Hi Chris - an interesting angle.  I can see it working though on Sunday nights for sure - particularly on events.  We've had success late afternoon on Friday which was quite surprising. The content is a bit lighter and trend focused - something people are more open to relaxing over I think before the end of the week?

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              Hi Chris

              I found that you can have success with specific types of contents or emails on the weekends. In particular, I found email invites to roadshows, parties, seminars had a decent engagement, but white papers or things that required more "work" thought that most people would care to do on a weekend were typically lower. Open rates have always tended to be decent on the weekends too, so depending on what you send there's definitely less competition.

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