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    Lead Scoring Across Multiple Product Portfolios

    Sara Greaves

      Hi there!


      This is a question for enterprise-level users. Do you set up multiple lead scoring programs (one for each product portfolio), or do you create one global lead scoring program for all of your products (just adjusting the MQL threshold as needed). How do you like your approach? What are the pros and cons of each?



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          Juli James

          Hi Sara,


          I've always started out with one generic program across all business units/products, and then adjusted after a few months once the sales team and us have a feel for what is an isn't a 'valid MQL'.  Once the lead scoring has started to work and make an impact then I would tend to move towards a more mature model of scoring based on business unit.  I'm not sure going as in depth as product by product would make much of a difference for the effort needed.


          I liked using this approach as it meant that we were constantly checking, amending and progressing to what sales really need for a 'perfect' MQL (if there is such a thing!).


          Hope that helps?



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            We currently use a multi-product lead score.


            We found that the global/generic score wasn't suitable when qualifying leads because we were unable to determine which product a lead was most interested in. Therefore, by using a product score based on the interactions with specific content (webinars, guides, blog posts, etc.), we are able to gauge which products a lead in most interested in. This makes it easier for us to qualify them and ask the right questions if they're moved any further down the line. Also, it gives us a good idea of which products are most popular so we can adjust our content strategy.

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                Stephen Jeong

                Hi Stephen,


                Can you tell me a bit more about how you set up this multi-product lead score?


                I'm trying to set up something similar for my company and my fear is that I'll have to create a separate smart campaign per action, per product.


                So if I wanted to score based off of a whitepaper download, then I would need the following:


                Downloads Asset about Product 1

                Downloads Asset about Product 2

                Downloads Asset about Product 3


                If i have 10 different products and I want to score 10 different behaviors, I'd have to create 100 smart campaigns.


                I'm hoping there's a way around this.

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                    At the moment I'm using very high level scoring for key actions that somebody takes. We currently only have 3 products so it's a little less cumbersome for us. Right now I score on 6 key actions:


                    • Clicks link in email - I always put a naming convention at the beginning of the email so I can set my trigger to say "Clicks Link in Email  > Contains > Naming Convention" That way I don't have to select each email individually and I know which product they belong to.
                    • Opens email - again I use the same principle as with clicks, but with less weight than a click.
                    • Fills out form - I use one global form for guides and another for webinars. I have a habit of adding leads to lists in the Lead Database, so whenever I setup a landing page I always add leads to a list for that page. For scoring, I set a trigger for "Added to List" and populate the List Name with every list that holds leads for their respective product.
                    • Trial Sign Up - This one is pretty straight forward - they sign for a trial for either product they get a score. They could trial 1 or 3 products at a time; each will be populated with a score.
                    • Visits Web Page -  Focused on a set of pages specific for each product.
                    • Inactivity: For every 15 days a leads score doesn't go up I subtract points.


                    I have it set so each lead can run through the flow every time.


                    If leads attend an event we will adjust scores accordingly.


                    Again, not the most complex method of scoring but it does the job for us at the moment.


                    The use of tokens is very helpful when creating multiple programs that have the same basic principle.

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                  Sara Greaves

                  Thanks for the feedback everyone! If you are using one generic lead scoring program (like Juli James), can you walk me through how you manage routing leads to your reps? In our organization, reps don't own accounts, contacts, or leads - we have up to 8 reps on one account (one per product portfolio) and the lead is serviced by the appropriate rep based on the customer's product interest. I'm interested to hear if any of you have navigated a situation similar to the one that my business is in with just one generic lead scoring program. Do you see a good way to use one generic program that can route to different reps based on their engagement with each product portfolio?

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