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    Leads sync delay

    Anindita Sharma

      We've just integrated with Saleforce recently.

      I set up a campaign with 200 leads in Salesforce 3 days ago and could not see the leads in my Marketo campaign (using member of sfdc filter) until today. I've checked with my colleagues in other regions(separate partitions) and they don't have this issue.

      I intend to raise a case with support but I'm wondering if this happens a lot?

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Jacqueline,


          Is the problem still pending or is it solved but took 3 days to happen?


          Lagging in campaign member sync may happen, especially if you have a lot pf backlog to sync with Marketo and you very recently integrated both products.

          Reaching out support is a good idea, but you first need to check that the Marketo sync user can "see" that campaign and it's members.


          What is the SFDC profile of this user? What is it's SFDC Role? Does it have the ""Marketing User" checked in SFDC?



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