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    Nurture Transition

    Bruce Bailey

      I have a three stream nurture campaign set up.  I want everyone to receive all 6 emails in the first stream and only want to transition them to the second stream if they have clicked on ANY of the 6 emails. 


      I have it set for:


      Clicks Link in Email (with all 6 emails added)

      Was Sent Email (email 6 added b/c they will have gotten all others before this)

      Member of Engagement Program


      Does this look about right?

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          Joe Reitz

          Hey Bruce,


          If you'd like them to receive all 6 emails first, then this will work. It sounds like that's what you're trying to do, so if so, no worries!


          However, usually this sort of scheme works best as a fast-track sort of campaign. So as a best practice, what I typically like to do is have a transition smart campaign set up listening for 2+ clicks in the stream (or based on score, if you're fancy) that moves them to the next stream, which typically has some stronger messaging. A 3 phase stream like this would *generally* follow the "Awareness-Consideration-Conversion" model, but obviously your mileage may vary.

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            Dory Viscogliosi

            Hi Bruce, I don't think that this will work the way you think it'll work. Basically, this is saying it'll only pull someone into the next stream if they click on one of the emails AFTER they're sent the final email... It isn't really the way that transitions are supposed to work, but it would make more sense if you had a nightly batch campaign (separate from the transition rules) that said what you outlined above:


            Clicked link in email (any of the 6)

            Was sent email #6


            But, you could also set up the second stream to have all of the same emails as the first stream plus the additional emails, and you could have the transition rules say "clicks on email", then pull into the second stream. By nature of EPs, they won't receive any emails that they've received from the first stream, they'll just continue with the next email that they're eligible for. Then they'll continue to receive the emails after email #6.

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