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help with engagement programs

Question asked by Theresa Boesken on Nov 10, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2016 by Dan Stevens.

QUESTION: If there are triggers to send people into a stream (clicking on links on a web page) I do not set cadence….correct?


QUESTION: The content (email) that is in each stream – does it automatically send when entering the stream, or does it have to have a “send email” action (if so, where)?


QUESTION: The transition rules are set in the stream where the trigger happens? I am not clear on the process: the rule follows in the stream you want affected?


QUESTION: Instructions are “listening for clicks” should those be separate campaigns within the stream?


QUESTION: I have a designated email to send because of inaction on the webinar link does it need to be set up as a campaign?


QUESTION: If SalesForce is synced initially, does it carry over the success status or do I have to assign it in the flow?


ANY help appreciated!!! I am a lone Marketo user who is totally lost with this whole engagement/nurture thing!!