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    The Great Trump Escape - If you are looking for a new country, we are looking for new talent!

    Fab Capodicasa



      We saw that according to stats 1 in 4 Americans would consider leaving the US should Trump get elected. Since the Canadian immigration site crashed yesterday, we thought maybe we could help them on their way, offering some of the people a new workplace – preferably some good Marketo people.


      As a Sydney based Marketo agency with international clients, we are currently looking for Marketo consultants. So we thought, “hey, why not give some of our American buddies a break?”


      Australia, or Straaaya, has sun, surf, beaches and definitely NO WALL. Visa requirements from the US are easy. Seriously though, you are looking for a sea-change shoot us a message on jobs@hooshmarketing.com.au





      Proof we are warmer than Cananda:

      Image result for australia meme