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    'Acquired by'

    Ronen Wasserman

      Hi all,

      I found out that when a person fills out a form, he is not automatically updates to the relevant program under 'Acquired By'.

      Mareto support answer was: 'A form can be used in many programs, so you need to tell Marketo which program to attribute this new lead with a flow step 'Change Data Value' for the field 'Acquisition Program'.


      Is this answer makes sense to you?





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          Jim Thao

          A couple of things.


          1. There is no "Acquired By" field that I can recall.  There is an "Acquisition Program Name" and "Acquisition Date". 


          2. When a person fills out a form, they are not automatically "Acquired By" anything, with the caveat of a new lead.  But that's a whole different story.


          3. I would recommend that you do not rely on Marketo default practices for setting these field values.  If you want to set the 2 fields above, create flow actions that will do it for you.  If you want to test out the default practices to get a better understanding of what may happen, try it out and test test test.  


          There are other things to consider, like, where does your form live?  Design Studio or in the Program itself as a local asset? Is the lead who is filling out the form brand new?  There are many caveats to how this works on a default level.

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              Dan Stevens

              Per #3 above, we always include this flow step in every smart campaign of every program where a lead has an opportunity to engage/convert.  This is just in case the lead was entered into Marketo via some other method - e.g., list upload - and was never given an AP.  FYI, you don't need to include AP Date here as that will be populated automatically, if the AP Name is created.  Also note the two different AP field names - they must be used as illustrated here ("AP Name" to test if empty; "AP" to change the value).


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              Dory Viscogliosi

              Hey Ronen, if the form lives within a program as a local asset, then it will populate the Acquisition Program without any input as you've mentioned above. If it is a global form (lives in the design studio), then it will require the data value change as Marketo has suggested to you. Hope this helps!

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                Jessica Kao

                As long as your landing pages are local to the program then, the acquisition program will be filled in automatically if they were acquired from that landing page. 

                For list uploads, I typically set the acquisition program on step 3 of the list upload. 


                Best practice recommendation is that all leads should have an acquisition program.  The acquisition date will be set at the date when you assigned the acquisition program.  So if you are back dating anything, you will also need to back date the acquisition date if you are looking at some reporting aspects. 

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                  Christina Zuniga

                  I had an issue when I first went live where my Acquisition Program Name was not being updated for certain forms. This was because these were forms that I put onto non-Marketo pages on my website - Support told me that then Acquisition program name would not work since it wasn't associated with a Marketo LP.


                  So for my web forms like "Demo Request" and "Contact Us" that are embedded forms, I set up a smart campaign.

                  Smart List: TRIGGER: Fills out form = FORM NAME and FILTER: Acquisition Program = Empty

                  Flow: Change Data Value: Acquisition Program = (this program) and Change Data Value: Acquisition Date = {{system.dateTime}}

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                      Dan Stevens

                      In our tests - when testing whether or not AP was empty - that never worked since it's a system field (at least when conditionally testing as a choice within a flow step). Marketo purposely created the non-system field, "AP Name", just for this reason. And why our flow step is configured as such above.

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                      Ronen Wasserman

                      Thanks for your replays,


                      We also thought that the 'acquired by' updated automatically, but that is what support answered.