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One ...form... to rule them all?

Question asked by d89f64cd7754e9b28f8bc4ec66661dfbfda992ec on Nov 8, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2016 by Sanford Whiteman

I've been working on an experiment.  Over time, I've noticed many of our landing page forms varied between 4 to 7 specific fields, each varying on whether it was a required field.


I decided to try making a landing page template where I could use just one form, and simply hide/unrequire fields if we didn't need them. I used several "mktoBoolean" metatags to toggle required status and field visibility. Then I applied Javascript for form verification, referencing a script I'd seen Sanford post in another thread. I tweaked here and there for my needs, and I'm almost there. But... still a few hurdles.


Rather than including a long code block, here's the experiment: ...I can follow up with any bits requested.


The challenges I've run into:

1. How to toggle the whole verification on/off? This is so, when I have to use a unique form, I can ignore that validation if it can't encompass whatever is in the unique form. This way, I could still use the landing page template for those situations. I made a boolean metatag (jsvalidate) to toggle. Then I tried wrapping the script in something like "if (jsvalidate != false) { //validation code }, but it didn't work.


2. Validating a Select field. Right now, I just have a regex to check if it's not empty, for proof-of-concept, but I believe there's a better way to validate select fields. The ways I tried, didn't work, though - they killed the script.


3. Simplifying things? As it's an experiment, and I'm no JS expert, there seem to be spots that could be streamlined. An example is a group of if statements, to add a " noRequire" class. They're each a little different, but I assume maybe there's a way to simplify. Maybe some array. But, I thought I'd get outside input before muddling through. Also, Maybe there's some way to have a 'multiple choice' toggle that covers all fields, instead of one for each?


4. Lastly... is this just a silly, insane idea? Are there reasons not to do it? I know it doesn't answer all scenarios - I'm just trying to prevent 100s of similar forms, if one will do. 



included a screenshot of variables, for reference.