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    External Forms

    Angela Daniels

      Is there a "Best Practice" process for handling external forms (non-Marketo type login forms) so that Marketo can still cookie them?

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          Jim Thao

          Forms don't cookie leads.  Munchkin does.  If you have Munchkin on your external pages, you should be okay in regards to cookies.

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            Sanford Whiteman

            While, as Jim said, Marketo-hosted forms do not directly set cookies -- there are in fact situations in which Forms 2.0 actions are *intended* to set the Munchkin cookie, but the underlying code is buggy -- this may not be what you're asking.


            If you wish an external form submission to associate the Munchkin session with a known lead instead of remaining anonymous, you have three approaches:


            1. Submit a hidden Marketo form alongside your external form (recommended, easiest)

            2. Call the Munchkin API associateLead method (more programmer-y, requires a developer though quite easy if you have one)

            3. Use REST or SOAP API methods (not recommended unless you can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that 1. and 2. are unattainable in your environment, which is unlikely)

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