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Nested program in nurture - smart campaign email sends - leads getting stuck in loop?

Question asked by 5e52c5748a458efe5417f309bedd243097e792b4 on Nov 7, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2018 by 6776743cf22c8bc6ded5b89bc37a3c8b0af47fed

I am trying to use a nested program within my nurture. The first smart campaign to send the email contains smart list criteria that filters out a certain industry. The next cast of the nurture contains a separate nested program with a new smart campaign which allows all industries (none are filtered out).

I came across this section in the product docs which makes it seems like the second cast will not be sent to the leads that were filtered out of the first cast:

What happens to people who don't meet the smart list criteria?

If the engagement program calls a smart campaign within a program, people who don't meet the smart list criteria won't receive the email. They also won't move on to the next program in the current cast or in subsequent casts. Essentially they'll be stuck in an infinite loop, where they never qualify. You may want to use choices on flow steps to filter people out instead of adding these criteria to smart lists when you nest programs inside of an engagement program.


Is this true? Could someone further explain the logic of using separate nested program email sends? Each one of my email sends filters out a certain group of people. Will these people never receive future casts because they were filtered out of one email send?