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    Marketo Form, keeps saving prefilled data

    Will Shum

      I have a form setup on a landing page that needs:

      1. to capture prospect data

      2. cannot save previous user data

      3. landing page is used on a kiosk for users to enter data


      form settings:

      Form Prefilled is disabled


      Issue: it keeps user the previous users data

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          Sanford Whiteman

          It's not enough to disable PreFill.  You have to ensure that the Munchkin cookie is not sent with the form. 


          If this is a true kiosk app (never used by anybody who needs to be remembered) then turn off Munchkin completely on the LP and clear all current cookies and you'll be good to go.  Otherwise, you'll need to follow the referral form pattern which is described in numerous Community posts. (The referral pattern is different because there you have one "real" user of the app filling out the form on behalf of other leads.)

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            Dayna Wellman

            Hi Will,

            We ran into the same problem and Corey Bethel was able to build Java Script code that clears the values after submission of the form so there's no tracking. We just add this as an HTML element to the landing page. I just answered this question yesterday for someone else and it worked for them, but let me know if you have any questions!



            //add a callback to the first ready form on the page

            MktoForms2.whenReady( function(form){

              //add the tracking field to be submitted


                    //clear the value during the onSubmit event to prevent tracking association

              form.onSubmit( function(form){





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