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    Changing Leads from One Stream to Another

      Background: We have set up a nurture where we have 2 different streams (based off of company type). Emails are similar for both streams just varied slightly to make the emails more personal. Meaning if someone was in Stream 1 and received email 1, and then was moved due to updated information to Stream 2 they would get the same information if they received email 1 from Stream 2.


      What I would like to have happen:


      1. Lead was sent email 1 (stream 1)

      2. Lead company type was updated due to more information

      3. Lead changes stream (now in stream 2)

      4. Since they received email 1 (from Stream 1) they SKIP email 1 (in Stream 2) and are sent email 2 (in Stream 2)


      Any help or insight is appreciated!

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          Devraj Grewal

          So changing the stream to stream 2 will mean the lead begins receiving all content in that stream, they cannot "skip" content. However, there are a couple ways to achieve what you are looking for:


          1. You can run the casts through outside smart campaigns where the smart list will include "not was sent email" to make sure they did not receive the similar email from stream 1 or stream 2 before the flow step of send email (ex. "not was sent email": email 1 (stream 1) > send email: email 1 (stream 2))


          2. The other option is to have several more streams in the nurture which do not have the first email. After the trigger of the company type is updated, the flow would be to change stream but it is dependent on which email they have previously been sent

               (ex. change stream: if was sent email 1 (stream 1) > change to stream 3)

               if was sent email 1 (stream 2) > change to stream 4

          So now stream 3 and stream 4 are clones of stream 1 and stream 2 respectively, but they do not include the first email, so leads changed to these streams will not receive that first email again and their next cast will be email 2.

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            Dory Viscogliosi

            Hey Danielle, this is a little bit different than what Devraj mentions above.. One of the perks of using Engagement Programs is that a person will never receive the exact same piece of content more than once. So, you absolutely can do what you're looking to do, exactly as you've described it. Step 4 happens without you doing anything, as long as it's the exact same email (by ID number, not just by content -- so no clones!!)


            Hope this helps, but let me know if you have any other questions!