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    Multiple copies of same form on a page problems...


      using embedded 2.0 forms I've run into a problem with having multiple copies of the same form on the same page - I'd guess because they all have the same form ID.


      My coworker - who runs our email marketing process - is looking to simplify how many forms he has to maintain and I'm investigating ways to help him do that We want to have a form with the same set of fields appear multiple times on our product pages, in a popup, in a sidebar, inline in the content etc...


      What I'm seeing is:

      • the first form loads correctly
      • when the second instance loads it inserts a duplicate set of form fields into the first instance.
      • every further instance adds another copy of the fields to all other instances which have the the same ID  - eg  "mktoForm_1234".


      Is there an easy way to work around this? Or should I just make multiple copies of the same form in the backend of Marketo, and he will have to update them all separately when a change is needed?


      I'm aware I could be using the API to send and receive info - and bypass the whole problem - but I'd like to keep things simple for now.